Watch sessions from past events, presented by top minds in the legal and technology fields.

LITIQUESTX 2019: Los Angeles

Trial Strategies

Presented by Keith Mitnik

LITIQUEST 2018: New York City

AI - Google Empowering the Future of Law

Presented by John Farrar, Head of Legal Services at Google

LITIQUEST 2018: New York City

More Value For Your Clients

Presented by attorney Matt Morgan

LITIQUEST 2018: New York City

Doing Good, Doing Well: How Our Work Matters For Those Who Need Us Most

Featuring Brian Panish, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Benjamin Crump, Alex Hilliard

Moderated by John Morgan

LITIQUEST 2018: New York City

The Path To A Billion in Recurring Revenue

Presented by John Morgan

LITIQUEST 2018: New York City

How To Persuade Clients on the Fringe

Presented by Jim Messina, political advisor and campaign manager for Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign


How Technology Levels The Playing Field

Presented by Daniel Shainker, Legal Client Immersion Specialist at Google

LITIQUEST 2017: New York City

Data in Politics, Business and Law

Panelists: Jim Messina, Emmanuel Schalit and Reuven Moskowitz

Moderated by John Farrar (Google)

LitiQuest 2017: New york city

Featuring Mariano Rivera and James Young

Moderated by Kathleen Vamos (Google)

Litiquest 2017: new york city

Autonomous Cars: Colliding Worlds

Panelists: Justin Erlich, Jordan Nof, Mike Morgan and Don Slavik

Moderated by Marc Grossman