Proudly presented by legal tech company Litify, LitiQuest and LitiQuestX are intoxicating spaces for generating new ideas. It’s where you can get a heads up on how the legal landscape will change in the upcoming year, be inspired by industry innovators, and be the first to know about new Litify products. Our events are about cultivating a big picture mindset that will allow you to translate technological insights into actionable daily practices that will keep you at the forefront.

LitiQuest is held annually in November in New York City as a two-day event, while LitiQuestX aims to bring the spirit of LitiQuest to other cities at smaller half-day gatherings.



The first step to wisdom is to call things by their proper name. At LitiQuest, we dive into the brass tacks of the newest tech. Then, we take a step back to evaluate trends happening on a large scale and what’s driving them. How is technology changing the legal landscape? How can we use the newest advances to our advantage? Learn how to take your career, your firm, or both to the next level.



The panels at LitiQuest allow the most innovative people in the industry and some of the world’s brightest minds to share their expertise. Listening to these leaders is an inspiring experience sure to light a fire under you and provoke growth. Past speakers include Jim Messina, Mariano Rivera, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Ben Crump.



Attend for a chance to mingle with the masters and network with others who are are just as excited about expanding their knowledge base and excelling in their practice. Connect with people who want to do their jobs better in order and make their clients’ lives better. Establish a referral network and discover new opportunities.


Litiquest is about thinking of the legal industry in a new way - outside of the confines of what we consider law.
— Terry Dohrmann, CRO at Litify